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15 March 2020

Australia: Supermarket Woolworths launches a dedicated shopping hour for the elderly and people with disabilities

Author: AAP, SBS News

"Woolworths to hold daily elderly and disability-only shopping hour amid panic buying", 16 March 2020...

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23 October 2019

KnowTheChain: Ranking companies' efforts to address forced labour in their supply chains

  KnowTheChain is a resource for businesses and investors who need to understand and address forced labor risks within their supply chains. In 2020/2021 KnowTheChain will be becnhmarking 180 companies in three sectors. In 2019 will be publishing inves...

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22 September 2019

Woolworths' response

Author: Woolworths


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18 September 2019

Australia: Academics press Coles & Woolworths to address labour exploitation and the risk of modern slavery

An open letter to Coles and Woolworths about modern slavery risks initiated by Martijn Boersma, Justine Nolan, and Laurie Berg of the University of Technology Sydney and the University of New South Wales has called the supermarkets to:...

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17 August 2019

Commentary: Australia: Woolworths to separate from its liquor and gaming interests

Author: Jason Pallant, The Conversation

"Getting out of liquor and pokies will cost Woolworths, but deliver lasting benefits", 4 july 2019...

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6 May 2019

Australia: Supermarkets Coles & Woolworths pressured over alleged exploitation in labour supply chains

Author: Mahalia Dobson & Rhiannon Tuffield, ABC

"Coles and Woolworths urged to boycott suppliers linked to the exploitation of migrant workers", 3 May 2019...

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20 October 2018

Australia: Shareholder resolutions on human rights at upcoming AGMs of Woolworths, Qantas and Origin

Shareholder resolutions addressing human rights issues have been lodged for consideration at several upcoming annual general meetings (AGMs): Origin on fracking projects on indigenous land; Qantas on transportation of asylum seekers; and Woolworths on...

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10 September 2018

Australia: Woolworths agrees to audit cleaning contractors annually and rectify underpayments

Author: Ewin Hannan, The Australian

"Woolies to audit contract cleaners to stop exploitation of workers", 29 August 2018...

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12 August 2018

Australia: Senate inquiry considers Modern Slavery Bill 2018

Author: Matt Coughlan, The Australian

"Slavery inquiry mulls penalty for business", 2 August 2018 Supermarket giant Woolworths has rejected calls from human rights groups to penalise Australian businesses who don't show how they are stamping out slavery in supply chains. A Senate inquir...

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10 August 2018

Australia: Investigation confirms that staff at venues run by Woolworths' subsidiary, ALH, collected personal data on gamblers, dispensed free drinks to encourage longer gambling sessions

Author: Nick O'Malley, The Sydney Morning Herald

6 August 2019...

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