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Worker advocacy groups launch initiative to improve conditions in corporate supply chains through worker-led codes of conduct

Author: Steven Greenhouse, The Guardian , Published on: 20 November 2017

"'Some kids are not orphans because of this': how unions are keeping workers safe", 8 November 2017

[L]abor unions across much of the world [...] gathered last week to launch an ambitious effort to improve the lives of millions of workers in the corporate supply chains... Their new effort is called the Worker-Driven Social Responsibility Network... There are several essential ingredients or principles for any effort that seeks to succeed in bettering conditions for workers in supply chains, according to the initiative:

have workers play a central role in developing codes of conduct and make those codes contractually enforceable;

have workers help select and oversee the workplace monitors and;

impose real market consequences when companies violate those codes of conduct...

If we substitute voluntary corporate self-regulation with enforceable agreements between corporations and worker representatives, we can have a real world impact in terms of protecting workers’ rights. We have to hold corporations accountable as a matter of contract. [refers to Taco Bell, McDonald's, Target, Ben & Jerry's]

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