Workers of the world unite to mark International Labour Day

Author: Morning Star (UK), Published on: 1 May 2014

Millions of workers across the globe hit the streets today for mass rallies marking International Labour Day...In Turkey, protesters defied a ban on demonstrations...Greek steel workers...marched...with Kurdish activists and a 20,000-strong anti-austerity protest. Indonesian unions said up to two million workers turned demand better working conditions... Thousands of Taiwanese workers marched...demanding wage rises and a ban on companies hiring cheap temporary or part-time workers. The Philippines saw thousands march in Manila to protest against low wages and the use of scab workers. In Tehran, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told thousands of workers gathered to celebrate May Day that he supported the establishment of unions “free of any interference by the state.”...And in Bangladesh, many thousands of garment workers used the day to demand punishment for negligent factory owners and compensation for their victims in Dhaka.

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