Workplace rights: ‘Lack of organisation affecting women’s struggle’ [Pakistan]

Author: Shamsul Islam, Express Tribune [Pakistan] , Published on: 9 December 2011

The lack of a united women’s movement is a hurdle to working women’s struggle for their rights at workplaces, a study by sociologists at the University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) has concluded...The study said the representation of working women in trade unions was not commensurate with their numbers at the industrial units. It said that women workers were mostly given low-skill tasks and that lack of knowledge about their rights hampered them in articulating their demands effectively...The study said most rural women were drawn towards factory labour because of low family incomes, illiteracy and a lack of alternatives. It said though there was some improvement in the attitude of community and employers towards women workers, much more was needed to encourage more women into taking up jobs...The study identified a low level of education and a bias against women working outside their homes, particularly in rural areas, as factors limiting their participation in the formal sector of the economy.

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