Yahoo! calls on US court to dismiss case over political prisoners in China

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29 August 2007

Full legal documents: Yahoo! asks court to dismiss jailed Chinese dissidents' lawsuit

Author: Rebecca MacKinnon, assistant professor at Univ. of Hong Kong Journalism & Media Studies Centre, on her blog, RConversation

[links to motions to dismiss by Yahoo, complaints against Yahoo, preliminary court decision]

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28 August 2007

Yahoo to Court: Dismiss Torture Case [USA/China]

Author: Miguel Helft, New York Times

Earlier this year, a Chinese political prisoner and his wife sued Yahoo in federal court in San Francisco, accusing the company of abetting in the commission of torture by helping the Chinese government to identify political dissidents who were later beaten and tortured. Another political prisoner has since joined the case. Now Yahoo has asked the court to dismiss the case. The company makes a number of legal arguments to the court...

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