Yusuf Bey built business empire with questionable tactics [USA]

Author: Mary Fricker, Bob Butler and Thomas Peele, The Chauncey Bailey Project, Published on: 2 August 2009

...[Yusuf Bey] built Your Black Muslim Bakery...into a well-known Bay Area business that ...had eight bakery outlets and several wholesale clients...[H]is bakery family operated at least eight other businesses, including dry cleaning, laundry, grocery, elementary school and security companies and a nonprofit... [T]hey had an estimated 25 to 100 workers and annual revenues of about $2 million...But he broke some rules to get there...,he employed child labor,...[he]had people working well beyond the legal eight-hour day, 40-hour week without paying overtime...[he]ignored the minimum wage, sometimes not paying them at all, thereby avoiding Social Security, Medicare, unemployment insurance and other employment-related taxes, ... In August 2007 the bankruptcy trustee ordered the business liquidated...

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