Zambia: Glencore's Mopani copper mine causes pollution & illness, does not contribute to local development, says film

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25 September 2012

Glencore response to “Zambia: Good Copper, Bad Copper” film

Author: Glencore

...Glencore provided [evidence] to the UK Government's International Development Select Committee hearing in April this year [re operations in Zambia -- link provided]...Glencore has been a major investor and employer in Zambia for over 12 years...Our evidence provides an excellent overview of our operations in Zambia, especially the work we do across the surrounding communities - health, education, building of vital infrastructure...[Further] the taxes, royalties and other dues to the Government have always been calculated and paid in the proper manner in line with the applicable legislation.

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23 April 2012

[Video] Zambia: Good Copper, Bad Copper

Author: Alice Odiot & Audrey Gallet, Erklärung von Bern/Berne Declaration [Switzerland]

[Film on how copper smelting has allegedly caused illness and death due to environmental degradation. It further alleges that the mining activities have not improved the lives of Zambians and that Glencore's payments to the government are excessively low.]

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