Zambia president says he will not be blackmailed by mining investors

Author: Lusaka Times (Zambia), Published on: 21 May 2019

‘Zambia will not be blackmailed by mining investors -Lungu’ 17 May 2019

President Edgar Lungu says he will not allow Zambia to be black mailed or arm twisted by mining investors as the country is still ripe for investment…“I came for one reason, the people of Copperbelt want a divorce between themselves and the Copper Mining companies, KCM and Mopani and I have heard their cries, I decided to come here myself and listen to the people, the unions, the workers. I saw people crying on what is happening through KCM, mothers crying so I said if it is the will of the Zambian people that we divorce with these mines then we will do so”, the President said…My position is that enough is enough Zambians have been taken for a ride for too long,” a fearless President Lungu spoke before stating that that he was not scared.

President Lungu said he will not allow mining companies exploiting workers in to stay in the country by paying low wages or treat Zambians like slaves. He observed that his position was not to instill fear in investors but maintained that he will not allow Zambia to be black mailed before revealing that other potential investors linger. President Lungu re-emphasized the zero tolerance to investor exploitation and tossed away perpetual claims from the mining giants noting that for so many years they have claimed to be working at a loss but yet continue to operate in Zambia.

He emphasized that government will not do away with the introduction of sales tax saying that it is here to stay. President Lungu said Zambia is a sovereign state and when government decide to make laws they will not be black mailed by the investor and those who cannot stay can walk away.


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