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6 December 2017

Surge in number of accidents in Bangladesh shipbreaking yards

Author: NGO Shipbreaking Platform

...[T]he accident rate for the three first quarters of 2017 [in the shipbreaking yards in Chittagong, Bangaldesh] has surged with 8 injuries and 6 deaths recorded in ten separate incidents in the last two months alone......

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6 December 2017

UK: Company sued for severe worker injuries in ship-breaking yard in Bangladesh following vessel sale

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4 December 2017

Legal action against London-based shipping company following life-changing injuries

Author: Leigh Day

UK law firm Leigh Day is taking legal action on behalf of a...Bangladeshi man [Mohamed Edris] who lost a leg and some of the sight in one eye whilst dismantling a ship on behalf of Zodiac Maritime, a London-based shipping company......

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2 December 2017

‘This is the world’s cheapest place to scrap ships’ – but in Chittagong, it’s people who pay the price

Author: John Vidal, Guardian (UK)

Mohamed Edris...[was]...working...on the...Eurus London [ship] at the Ferdous Steel Corporation shipyard in Chittagong... The propeller broke free...It sliced off his left leg below the knee, blinded him in one eye and nearly broke his back....

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