Colombia: Paramilitar aceptó homicidio de sindicalistas de la Drummond

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Autor(a): James Parks, AFL-CIO [USA]

Eight long years after Colombian trade union leaders Valmore Locarno Rodriguez and Victor Hugo Orcasita Amaya were assassinated, those directly responsible for these heinous crimes are being punished...yesterday, Alcides Maneul Mattos Tavares, alias “el Samario,” confessed to having participated as one of the gunmen. The other assassin, Jairo Charris Jesus, was sentenced Aug. 7 to 30 years in prison...Both men were members of the Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia (AUC), the...paramilitary organization...Locarno and Orcasita, president and vice president...of Sintramienergica, the mine and energy workers union, were killed in March 2001. Both worked for...Drummond...In his trial, Charris explained that the murders had been planned along with Colombian and American company executives. Drummond has denied all links to paramilitar[ies]...A U.S. federal district court and appeals court found Drummond not guilty of playing a part in the murders. In May, an attorney for the families of Locarno and Orcasita filed a U. S. lawsuit against Drummond...

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24 August 2009

Alias 'Samario' aceptó homicidio de sindicalistas de la Drummond [Colombia]

Autor(a): El Espectador [Colombia]

Alcides Manuel Mattos Tavares, alias ‘Samario', aceptó ser el autor material del asesinato de Valmore Locarno Rodríguez y Víctor Hugo Orcasita Amaya, ambos sindicalistas de la Drummond...quienes se desempeñaban como presidente y vicepresidente del sindicato de la Drummond, murieron el 12 de marzo de 2001 en el municipio de Bosconia, Cesar, a manos de miembros de las AUC [Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia].

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