México: Joven lesionado de gravedad después de ser supuestamente atropellado por dos empleados de la empresa de seguridad Eulen

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Autor(a): Grupo Eulen

Eulen de Seguridad Privada...reports: An ESP supervisor informed the company that...a group of people physically assaulted the company’s truck using rocks and pipes...when the vehicle was returning to base after having escorted a railway cargo. After seeking help from the Municipal Police Headquarters and not finding it, they decided to return to base...[T]he ESP Division Chief went to the District Attorney’s Office...accompanied by the security guard...to clarify what was being reported in the media outlet and to file a report with authorities for the physical damage sustained by the car...ESP investigated staff that might have been involved, and through a third party supplier, implemented several confidence and control tests, including polygraph tests, which confirmed that ESP personnel was not involved in the situations reported...and that the company did suffer an assault by unknown persons as reported initially...To date, ESP has not received any reports or citations from local authorities related to the situation reported by the media outlet. ESP will fully collaborate with any authorities to clarify the situation and define the scope of liability.

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