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USA: Poultry processing co. to face lawsuit over waste disposal practices that allegedly led to air & water pollution, health problems

Autor(a): Mallory Metzner, WRDE.com (USA), Publicado en: 14 June 2018

"Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Mountaire Farms", 13 Jun 2018

The Delaware law firm of Baird Mandalas Brockstedt, LLC in association with the Maryland firm of Schochor & Staton, P.A. filed a class action lawsuit listing multiple counts against Mountaire Farms...Chase Brockstedt opened up the press conference by stating, "The filing this morning was the result of countless hours of investigation and research over the last six months to understand the scope and the severity of the contamination caused by Mountaire's wrongful discharge of its wastewater and sludge and its air emissions."  Mountaire disposes of waste from its 9 million gallon septic tanks on four croplands and 1 forest by irrigating more than 900 acres of croplands.  Sludge disposal is applied across 300 acres of forests and croplands in the Millsboro area.  These septic tanks are kept uncovered and were emptying into a lagoon before being sprayed out into the fields.  The two law firms allege that the disposal of billions of gallons of highly contaminated wastewater and liquified sludge has caused nitrates and other contaminants to spread for miles throughout the Millsboro area...[A]ll of the residents affected by contaminiated drinking water, health concerns, and air pollution are coming together to demand Mountaire stop poullting the Millsboro area and compensate those who are affected...Mountaire's response to the press conference is that it was a publicity stunt by a group of lawyers hoping to cash in on a problem that has already been solved..

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