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Nestle response

Autor(a): Nestle, Publicado en: 7 November 2018

We share concerns about drought conditions and access to water in Ontario and are committed to sustainable water management and stewardship wherever we operate. We believe that public consultation on water sustainability, pricing and future planning are essential to ensure sustainable water management. We will continue to work with local and provincial governments, environmental agencies and community groups, our employees, as well as local residents on a thorough approach to water resource management to ensure the community's needs come first... Over the last 18 years, we have built a comprehensive body of scientific data on local water resources where we operate in Ontario. This, along with our ongoing monitoring and management, guides our actions and underpins our long-term commitment to sustainable water management. We have always operated in compliance with government set rates for water drawing... We will continue to work with the government, community and environmental stakeholders to ensure the protection of water resources in Ontario for generations to come.

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