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Frontline Defenders issues digital protection advice for civil society advocates attending COP 24

Autor(a): Frontline Defenders, Publicado en: 4 December 2018

"Front Line Defenders Releases Digital Protection Advice for Activists & Journalists Attending COP-24 in Katowice, Poland"

To help civil society activists, human rights defenders, and journalists attending COP24 in Katowice, Front Line Defenders has today released advice related to digital protection, outlining key security measures that should be taken to enhance the safety of data..."Given the assault on climate change science by right-wing nationalist governments, the green light given to the security forces and police by this law to target civil society and human rights defenders is gravely worrying. Front Line Defenders urges all who will attend the conference and side activities in Katowice to take and use this advice to enable better digital protection.” [said Andrew Anderson, Executive Director of Front Line Defenders]...

In May 2018, UN Special Rapporteurs John Knox, Michel Forst, David Kaye, Clement Nyaletsossi Voule and Joe Cannataci urged the government of Poland to ensure free and full participation at the climate talks. They noted that the legislation “appears to give sweeping surveillance powers to the police and secret services to collect and process personal data about all COP24 participants” and “appears to prevent spontaneous peaceful assemblies in Katowice.”...Front Line Defenders echoes the call of the UN Special Rapporteurs, and urges civil society activists, human rights defenders and journalists to take all necessary precautions outlined in the Digital Security Bulletin.

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