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Microsoft adopts ethical principles aiming to bar misuse of face recognition technology

Autor(a): Ismail Shakil & Siddharth Caval, Reuters, Publicado en: 7 December 2018

Microsoft Corp... announced ethical principles for the use of its facial recognition technology, saying it would bar such technology from being used to engage in unlawful discrimination and would encourage customers to be transparent when deploying such services... Microsoft President Brad Smith pushed for urgency in regulating facial-recognition technology, while adding that tech companies should self regulate too. “We believe it’s important for governments in 2019 to start adopting laws to regulate this technology."... Microsoft said... it will document and communicate the capabilities of the technology, as well as prohibit the use of facial recognition technology to engage in unlawful discrimination. The other principles listed were fairness, accountability, notice and consent, and lawful surveillance... Microsoft has also not promised to bar sale of face recognition technology to law enforcement, which is what the American Civil Liberties Union has asked for. Microsoft said it would formally launch these principles, together with supporting framework, before the end of March 2019.

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