Migrant workers - an introduction

Below are select introductory materials on business and migrant workers.  Further reports from a wide range of sources are in the "Migrant workers" section of our site.

Key reports and guidance

The Dhaka Principles for Migration with Dignity, Institute for Human Rights and Business, 2012

International Labor Migration: A Responsible Role for Business [PDF], Business for Social Responsibility, 2008

Business and Migration Report: Roundtables Johannesburg, London and LA [PDF], The Hague Process on Refugees and Migration, 2007

The Multilateral Framework on Labour Migration, Non-binding principles and guidelines for a rights-based approach to labour migration [PDF], ILO, 2006

In search of Decent Work - Migrant workers' rights: A manual for trade unionists [PDF], ILO, Bureau for Workers' Activities, 2008

Keep Your Head Down - Unprotected Migrants in South Africa, Human Rights Watch, Feb 2007

Building Towers, Cheating Workers, Exploitation of Migrant Construction Workers in the United Arab Emirates, Human Rights Watch, Nov 2006

Concerns, company responses and non-responses

The Resource Centre invites companies to respond to allegations of misconduct.  Below are examples of allegations and company responses regarding migrant workers.  We also indicate when a company has not responded.

Global: National Labor Committee accuses Toyota of labour abuses in own operations & supply chain, Jul 2008. Toyota response.

Argentina: Union alleges rural migrant workers for subsidiaries of olive company Nucete living in "sub-human" conditions, Apr 2007. No response received from Nucete.

Positive steps by companies

China: Unilever project supports migrant workers' children in rural China.

Denmark: Business and Migration: Perceptions from Denmark - A Compilation of Reflections by Danish Business and Organized Industry on Various Issues Related to Migration []PDF], The Hague Process on Refugees and Migration, Feb 2009.  Refers to positive steps by Comwell, Eurotex, ISS, Metro, Microsoft, Novo Nordisk.

Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua: Project supported by US Govt., companies & NGOs in 3 Latin American countries aims to improve workplace conditions & standards at fruit farms.  Refers to Chiquita, Del Monte, Dole, Tesco, Wal-Mart.

Saudi Arabia: Rahma advertisements urge mercy for workers

Spain: Real Madrid & 5 institutions launch "Causas Justas" with messages for the social integration of immigrants [Spanish only]

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Historias y componentes discutidos en las áreas detalladas

4 June 2009
+ English - Ocultar

Autor(a): China CSR

A special organizing committee led by All-China Women's Federation has announced in Beijing that it will join hands with Unilever China to carry out a special program in ten Chinese regions to show care to the children left behind in rural China by...

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18 November 2008
+ English - Ocultar

Autor(a): Arab News

The abuse of workers in the Kingdom, as reported by several human rights groups, has prompted a Saudi advertisement agency boss to launch a series of TV advertisements to encourage people to show mercy...The campaign, entitled Rahma, is part of Full...

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30 September 2008

“La Caixa" y la Confederación Regional Empresarial Extremeña fomentarán la contratación de personas en riesgo de exclusión a través del programa Incorpora [España]

Autor(a): Región Digital [España]

…[Un] acuerdo entre "la Caixa" y la CREEX [Confederación Regional Empresarial Extremeña] permitirá, en el marco del programa Incorpora de la entidad financiera, promover la integración laboral de colectivos con dificultades para acceder a un empleo....

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1 September 2008
+ English - Ocultar

Autor(a): John Tepper Marlin in Huffington Post [USA]

The safety of U.S. food depends starts with the farms where our food is grown...At work now to improve farm safety and sanitation in three Latin American countries...are staff members for a little-known project called Cultivar...[which is] providing...

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1 June 2008
+ English - Ocultar

Autor(a): National Labor Committee [USA]

Overworked to death... Sweatshops and human trafficking: Toyota’s parts supply chain is riddled with sweatshop abuse, including the human trafficking of tens of thousands of foreign guest workers—mostly from China and Vietnam—to Japan, where they are...

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7 March 2007

Trabajadores Olivícolas sometidos a condiciones indignas [Argentina]

Autor(a): Unión Argentina de Trabajadores Rurales (UATRE) en el sitio de noticias de la Superintendencia de Riesgos del Trabajo (SRT)

La Unión Argentina de Trabajadores Rurales (UATRE), a través de una serie de inspecciones llevadas a cabo en Aimogasta, provincia de La Rioja, detectaron casi un millar de trabajadores rurales “golondrinas” sometidos a condiciones de vida...

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