Migrant workers

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  • Fair Hiring Toolkit
    Author and date: Verité, 2011
    "This Fair Hiring Toolkit offers tools, guidance, and approaches to support the responsible recruitment and hiring ofmigrant workers in global supply chains."






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7 January 2019
+ English - Ocultar

Autor(a): Roli Srivastava, Thomas Reuters, India

"India disaster exposes lack of enforcement against deadly illegal mines", 4 January 2019...

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6 February 2017
+ English - Ocultar

Autor(a): Laila Azzeh, Jordan Times

Unifying guest worker fees could be harmful for agriculture sector, labourers, activists warn, 25 January 2017...

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1 January 2015
+ English - Ocultar

Since 1993, Japan has operated a foreign trainee programme (the Technical Intern Trainee Programme), under which persons from developing countries are employed as technical interns by companies in Japan for a maximum of three years, ostensibly to...

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