“Calling for Corporate Accountability: A Guide to the 2011 OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises”

In June 2013, OECD Watch released a guide on using the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises to address social & environmental harm by companies.  According to OECD Watch, the guide "is designed to help individuals, communities, NGOs and trade unions that have been negatively affected by corporate behaviour to address the alleged misconduct through filing an OECD Guidelines complaint."

The guide also includes a number of case examples of complaints filed under the OECD Guidelines. Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited Glencore, POSCO, Shell, Statkraft and Ratiopharm to respond to allegations for social & environmental impacts included in these case studies:

In response to Business & Human Rights Resource Centre:

- Glencore [PDF] (see case example on p. 30)

- POSCO [PDF] (see case example on p. 11)

- Shell [DOC] (see case example on p. 16; see here for further information on case)

- Statkraft [PDF] (see case example on p. 22)

- Ratiopharm [DOC] (see case example on p. 27)

The following are other publicly available statements from companies in response to allegations referred to in certain case studies:

- Intex Resources (see case example on p. 13)

- Oryx Natural Resources (see case example on p. 29)

- Vedanta (see case example on p. 18)

If any company mentioned in the guide would like to send us additional comments, please let us know.

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Vedanta believes in continuous dialoguing with all the stakeholders and always endeavors to address the issues raised by any of them…Vedanta refuted all such allegations as baseless and responded to the shareholders accordingly. During AGM, some of...

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