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1 April 2020

Kenya: Dutch flower growers allegedly using tax havens to avoid taxation; includes Oserian's comments

Author: Romy van der Burgh & Linda van der Pol, The Elephant (Kenya)

"Unfair Trade: How Dutch Rose Growers Avoid Paying Taxes in Kenya"...

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28 January 2020

US govt. efforts to advance business & human rights in 2019 incl. actions to combat trafficking & labour abuse in global supply chains

Author: US Department of State

The U.S. government is committed to supporting the voluntary efforts of businesses to advance human rights and protecting against human rights abuses [including]... ...

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13 August 2018

Kenya: Flower farm workers allegedly earn below living wage, live in poor conditions & some women sexually harassed; industry association responds

Author: Patrick Kibet & Antony Gitonga, Standard Digital (Kenya)

“Why Kenyan flower farms is no bed of roses”...

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8 February 2018

UK: Police raid flower farm suspected of enslaving 200 migrants in one of largest crackdowns on modern slave trade

Author: Kieran Guilbert, Thompson Reuters Foundation

Police arrested three men on Thursday suspected of enslaving 200 migrants on a British flower farm in what officials called one of their largest crackdowns on the modern slave trade....

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27 December 2017
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Author: Comunica RSE (Argentina)

“El comercio justo podría ayudar a América Latina a alcanzar los ODS”, 27 de diciembre de 2017...

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14 September 2017

Modern slavery in the Americas: From here to elimination (Mary Robinson Speaker Series, NY, 18 Sept)

The 8th annual event in the Mary Robinson Speaker Series on Business & Human Rights in New York City will be held on 18 September 2017 at the Roosevelt House. The event will shine a spotlight on the reality of workers’ rights in the Americas and...

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14 August 2017

UK: Businesses & social enterprises are hiring refugees to help them better integrate

Author: Suzanne Bearne (The Guardian)

"Hiring refugees: 'We have an amazing wealth of talent on our hands'", 11 August 2017...

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27 July 2017

Eastern Africa: HIVOS says sexual harassment in flower sector '"prevalent" but "widely unacknowledged"; launches initiative on model sexual harassment policy for sector

Author: HIVOS

"Stop Sexual Harassment Project: A Model Sexual Harassment Policy for the Flower Sector in Eastern Africa"...

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7 July 2017

Uganda: Brief on state's human rights obligations in the context of business activities

Author: Initiative for Social & Economic Rights (Uganda)

"Economic and Social Rights Advocacy Brief: The State Obligation to Respect, Protect and Fulfil Economic Social and Cultural Rights in the Context of Business Activities"...

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10 June 2017

Afriflora's response documentary allegation human rights abuses in its Ethiopia operations

Author: Afriflora Sher (The Netherlands)

"Reaction to Broadcast by Zembla: Statement on Behalf of the Employees and Management of Sher Ethiopia"...

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