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Investor expectations on conflict mineral reporting statement

Auteur: Investor Alliance for Human Rights, Publié le: 13 June 2018

The undersigned 47 investors and investor groups with $1.2 trillion dollars in assets under management wish to issue a clear statement to our portfolio companies to reinforce that we expect all companies that fall under the scope of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Conflict Minerals Rule to file thorough annual reports in accordance with the law... Responsible management of global supply chain risks is material to investors, especially when the illicit trade in "conflict minerals" —that fund the continuing violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)—is concerned. As a result, investors have spoken out in support of the development and implementation of Dodd Frank Section 1502 and through engagement encourage companies to disclose... We regret that there has been some uncertainty about the status and necessity of the reporting requirements.

... Regardless of whether the SEC [Securities and Exchange Commission] chooses to fulfill its obligations to enforce the Rule, as investors we will consider all public and legal options available to us to do so. Not only do companies and investors benefit from responsible management and sourcing of raw materials, but we all indirectly contribute to a peaceful, prosperous, and stable conflict-free minerals trade in the DRC region, thereby further advancing respect for human rights in the global supply chains of U.S. companies.

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