Commentary: The rising trend of climate change litigation is one to watch

Auteur: Maysa Zorob & Marion Cadier, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, Publié le: 13 June 2018

"Are courts the new front line for climate justice?", 13 June 2018 

In lieu of bold steps from governments and companies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, climate justice advocates and lawyers have stepped up to force their hand through litigation. Traditionally, legal cases have been brought against governments, but there is now a steep rise in climate lawsuits brought directly against fossil fuel companies. In the United States alone, 14 climate lawsuits against companies are currently making their way through the courts, all of which were filed over the past year…

The outcome of these lawsuits is uncertain, and the road ahead presents many challenges: not least because the response of carbon majors can be expected to be aggressive, ruthless and well-financed.

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