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Bonjour! Bienvenue au Centre de Ressources sur les Entreprises et les Droits de l’Homme.

Nous espérons que vous appréciez les outils et ressources que nous mettons à votre disposition gratuitement. Saviez-vous que nous travaillons aussi directement avec des défenseurs des communautés et des défenseurs des droits, en leur fournissant les compétences et les ressources nécessaires pour documenter les violations des droits de l’homme et pour communiquer efficacement avec les entreprises ?

Ceci n’est possible que grâce aux dons généreux de personnes comme vous.

Merci de soutenir notre travail.

Je vous remercie,
Phil Bloomer, Directeur Exécutif

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USA: DACA recipients accuse employers of citizenship discrimination in hiring process

Auteur: Alexia Fernández Campbell, Vox, Publié le: 7 August 2018

"Some businesses are refusing to hire DACA recipients. They are fighting back."

[DACA] immigrants are suing US employers for denying them jobs because they aren’t citizens. Despite presenting valid work permits from US Citizenship and Immigration Services, recruiters (...) told them they only hire US citizens or immigrants with green cards. Some said they only hire employees whose work permits don’t expire (DACA must be renewed...). [Workers] say these actions are a form of citizenship discrimination prohibited under the Civil Rights Act of 1866. [Some] DACA workers who were denied jobs (...) are suing the companies that turned them away using that argument. The outcome of these (...) lawsuits has huge implications for American companies, and for the estimated 700,000 immigrants with DACA status... Ruben Juarez [graduated with an undergraduate degree in accounting a year ealier], [but] was denied a paid internship (...) because of his DACA status... Lawyers for Northwestern Mutual said they weren’t discriminating against noncitizens because they hire immigrants with green cards. [However,] a federal district judge (...) rejected that argument, saying that a company cannot discriminate against some authorized immigrants [while hiring other] authorized immigrants... Eventually, the company settled with Juarez, [and] agreed to create a recruitment program for DACA workers and other immigrants with legal status... DACA workers snagged another small victory. A federal judge in Miami denied Procter & Gamble’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by David Rodriguez, [another graduate]... In a statement to Vox, a spokesperson for Procter & Gamble denied that recruiters discriminate against DACA recipients. “At P&G, we don’t discriminate. Period. We fully embrace diversity and inclusion as do our employees who represent more than 140 different nationalities. In fact, we believe the diversity of our workforce is a competitive advantage. We strongly deny the allegations and look forward to defending them in court,” wrote Damon Jones, the company’s vice president for global communications.


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Entreprises concernées: Allied Wealth Partners Merrill Lynch (part of Bank of America) Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Procter & Gamble VMware