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Bonjour! Bienvenue au Centre de Ressources sur les Entreprises et les Droits de l’Homme.

Nous espérons que vous appréciez les outils et ressources que nous mettons à votre disposition gratuitement. Saviez-vous que nous travaillons aussi directement avec des défenseurs des communautés et des défenseurs des droits, en leur fournissant les compétences et les ressources nécessaires pour documenter les violations des droits de l’homme et pour communiquer efficacement avec les entreprises ?

Ceci n’est possible que grâce aux dons généreux de personnes comme vous.

Merci de soutenir notre travail.

Je vous remercie,
Phil Bloomer, Directeur Exécutif

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Japan: Foreign workers ordered to terminate pregnancies or go home

Reports are coming to light of foreign workers in Japan as part of the Technical Trainee Internship Programme (TITP) being prohibited by their employers from ‘romantic relations’, and being fined for having become pregnant while in Japan. One ‘intern’ from Vietnam who found she was two months pregnant states she was told ‘terminate the pregnancy of we will send you back to Vietnam - it’s your choice’. 

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Auteur: 朝日新聞、平山亜理


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Auteur: Ari Hirayama, The Asahi Shimbun

"Expectant trainees told to end pregnancy or leave Japan," 02 December 2018

Torn between having an abortion to keep working to pay off her family's...debt or give up her internship...a 22-year old technical trainee from Vietnam decided to flee her workplace.

Many pregnant technical trainees are being forced to make a tough decision by their employers and related organizations.

Sentouitsu Workers Union...which organizes individual workers irrespective of their company affiliation, arranged for the trainee to flee her direre situation. 

At a pre-internship training facility... technical trainees are required to sign a letter of consent that forbids them from "having any romantic relationship with the opposite sex"...

Syoichi Ibusuki, a lawyer familiar with the issues surrounding foreign technical trainees, said, "It is a clear violation of human rights and an unacceptable practice to forbid trainees from getting involved in romantic relationships and becoming pregnant."

In 2013, a Chinese technical trainee filed a lawsuit against her employer in Toyama Prefecture, alleging that she suffered a miscarriage after the company attempted to forcibly send her back to China because of her pregnancy. The court ruled in favor of the trainee.

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