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3 July 2019
+ English - Cacher

Auteur: Naf Naf

Thank you for your mail and for giving us the chance to reply. ...

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10 June 2019
+ English - Cacher

Clean Clothes Campaign has released a factsheet on Romania's garment industry, based on interviews with 78 female garment workers, between September 2017 and June 2018. All seven factories were producing apparel for Western European markets. The resea...

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31 July 2018

France : La crise du marché de l'habillement entraîne fermeture de magasins et suppressions d'emplois

Auteur: Juliette Garnier, Le Monde

[Inscription requise]...

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28 June 2005
+ English - Cacher

Auteur: Turkuaz/Çakil Workers

We are 250 workers of the textile company Turkuaz/Çakil. This company is subcontracted by and sews for several multinational companies like Reebok, Street-One, Pepe Jeans, French Connection, Chevignon [part of Naf Naf], Banana Republic [part of Gap]......

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16 December 2003
+ English - Cacher

Auteur: Burma Campaign UK

Companies refusing to disclose if they source clothes from Burma are today named and shamed by the Burma Campaign UK. 41 clothing retailers have ignored repeated requests to disclose whether they source clothes from Burma...The companies named and...

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