Nouveau smartphone de Samsung certifié comme socialement responsable; la certification ne va pas assez loin pour assurer le respect des droits de l'homme selon les ONG

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24 May 2013

Samsung se fait certifier en Suède

Auteur: Thibault Lescuyer, Novethic [France] (copyright:

Socialement responsable, le nouveau « smartphone » de Samsung ? C'est ce qu'affirme le fabricant coréen, qui met en avant la certification du galaxy S4 par un label privé suédois, TCO. Une première mondiale, affirme Samsung. Pourtant, la marque coréenne frise une nouvelle fois le « social washing ». [lire la suite: [Fait référence à Apple]

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Auteur: Leon Kaye, on TriplePundit

TCO Development granted Samsung’s Galaxy S4 the organization’s first ever sustainability certification for smartphones...But will consumers really care, or even notice?...TCO lauded Samsung for manufacturing the S4 without the use of hazardous materials including mercury and beryllium, as well as its overall design–and, of course, the efficiency of its power recharger...Samsung can show some leadership and egg on Apple, Motorola [part of Google] and other manufacturers to get their act together and work on improving their phones, while mitigating their effect on society and the environment...It is not that consumers do not care–they are just not educated. And here is where Samsung could find an opening and pull away from the rest of the pack if they counsel consumers on the benefits of purchasing the best possible smartphone that leaves behind the smallest social and environmental impacts.

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