Migrant construction workers in Qatar and the UAE: What are companies doing to end exploitation?

In 2016, the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre began tracking the operations of construction companies in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. We surveyed 100 companies on their approach to migrant workers' rights, prompted by worrying reports of debt bondage, unpaid wages and dangerous living and working conditions. Only a handful of companies responded with information on the actions they were taking to protect workers' rights, signifying an endemic lack of industry commitment.

This microsite lets you explore and compare companies' responses to our 2016 survey. The responses to our 2018 survey are available here.

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The size of the circle indicates the number of companies approached & the colour indicates the response rate (green=response; red=non-response).

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On Shaky Ground: Migrant Workers’ Rights in Qatar & UAE Construction

Analysis of our second survey of construction companies reveals minimal progress in company action to safeguard migrant workers' rights.