Migrant Workers in Qatar and the UAE

How are construction companies and hotel brands impacting the rights of migrant workers in Qatar and the UAE? We track company operations, survey their human rights performance and document allegations to increase corporate transparency and accountability, and empower advocates in civil society and business to address labour exploitation. Scroll down to explore our findings.

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Inhospitable: How hotels in Qatar & the UAE are failing migrant workers

First report analysing hotels’ approaches to safeguarding workers’ rights finds weak regional implementation of company policies.

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On Shaky Ground: Migrant Workers’ Rights in Qatar & UAE Construction

Second survey of construction companies reveals no progress in sector transparency and engagement on labour rights and protections for migrant workers.

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By the numbers

  • 17


    Publicly reported allegations of migrant worker abuse by construction companies in 2017/18

  • 12k


    The number of workers impacted in the documented cases

  • 76%

    Restricted Mobility

    Most allegations concern restrictions on workers’ freedom of movement

  • 71%

    Wage Delays

    The other widely report labour abuse is late or non-payment of workers’ wages

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