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Kuwait: 23,500 migrant workers "detained" in unsanitary & unsafe conditions under Covid amnesty

Autor: Areeb Ullah, Middle East Eye, Publicado em: 18 May 2020

"'Like sardines': Migrant workers suffering in Kuwait's desert detention camps," 15 May 2020

Thousands of foreign workers who volunteered themselves to the Kuwaiti authorities during an amnesty for undocumented labourers have been stranded in detention camps in the desert for over a month in appalling conditions...

Unable to social distance and suffering under the heat and in unsanitary facilities, detainees... fear the spread of the coronavirus and spending more weeks in the packed, arid compounds...

the Gulf state last month promised undocumented workers that they would be allowed re-entry if they volunteered for repatriation. 

Some 23,500 migrant workers... are currently detained in four detention camps on the outskirts of Kuwait City as they wait to be repatriated...

As noted in a recent report by [BHRRC], migrant workers in the Gulf were already living in “unsanitary” and “tightly packed labour camps”.

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