Amnesty calls on Egyptian govt. to stop harassment & intimidation of front line healthcare workers during COVID-19 pandemic

Amnesty International urged Egyptian authorities on Thursday to stop a “campaign of harassment and intimidation” against health care workers who have criticized the government''s response to the coronavirus pandemic. Since the pandemic hit, healthcare workers in the country have been complaining of a dearth of protective equipment, testing and hospital beds for front-line doctors.

Sources from Egypt’s Doctors Syndicate confirmed that doctors have been subjected to threats and interrogations by the NSA, and some health workers have expressed concerns for their safety after the threats. Among the highlighted cases of abuse are the six doctors and two pharmacists who were arrested arrested. Medics were also allegedly transferred to quarantine hospitals for speaking out. Pregnant doctor detained after her phone  was used to report coronavirus case

Overall, Egypt has officially recorded more than 49,000 cases of the coronavirus, including 1,850 deaths. But last month, an Egyptian official said the country might realistically have as many as 100,000 cases.

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Autor: Amnesty International

"Egypt: Health care workers forced to make impossible choice between ‘death or jail’", 18th of June 2020

The Egyptian authorities must immediately stop their campaign of harassment and intimidation against frontline health care workers who express safety concerns or criticize the government’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis, Amnesty International said today.

..The organization documented how Egyptian authorities have used vague and overly broad charges of "spreading false news" and "terrorism" to arbitrarily arrest and detain health care workers who speak out and have subjected them to threats, harassment and punitive administrative measures.

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