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Resposta da Archer Daniels Midland/ADM

Autor: Archer Daniels Midland/ADM (US), Publicado em: 29 March 2017

[Resposta da Archer Daniels Midland/ADM disponível apenas em inglês. Veja abaixo]

…ADM has long been a signatory of the Soy Moratorium, and we are glad to have a played a part in its ongoing, successful protection of the Amazon Biome.  ADM’s No-Deforestation Policy was created in 2015, and we have been working with our partner The Forest Trust to implement transparency and traceability within our palm and soy supply chains…ADM is committed to its No Deforestation policy implementation.  We have begun the process of engaging industry associations, NGOs, academia, and other[s]…in an open and transparent way.  We are focused on proactive efforts to help ensure soy is legally sourced. Initiatives that focus on continuous improvement, such as ADM Responsible Soy and the Doing it Right program, promote the benefits of introducing better agricultural practices and legal compliance inside the farm. From grower to consumer, everyone within the supply chain plays a vital role in protecting sensitive biomes.  We remain supportive of an industry-wide approach that can provide soy growers, and everyone along the supply chain, with a transparent and vetted method that provides the confidence to remain compliant with local law, make infrastructure investments, satisfy stakeholders, and protect sensitive biomes.  We will continue to work toward transparency and traceability in our supply chain according to our No-Deforestation Policy as outlined in our Soy Action Plan.

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