Данный материал является частью большей истории, однако эта история не доступна на Вашем языке. Мы все же советуем Вам прочитать данный материал в контексте одной из историй:

Naf Naf's response

Автор: Naf Naf, Опубликовано: 3 July 2019

Thank you for your mail and for giving us the chance to reply. 

However, we are not aware that any of the factories we are working with currently in Romania is also working with Max Mara, Sisley or Benetton. So we suspect this factory to be an undeclared subcontracting company.

NAF NAF is highly concerned about Corporate Social Responsibility and take this statement very seriously. Being a member of ICS (https://ics-asso.org/), NAF NAF suppliers are committed comply with the ICS Code of Conduct, including payment of a living wage. Undeclared subcontracting is also not allowed. 

This report has drawn our attention on this issue and we will investigate it further.

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