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作者: Marianas Variety

“IPI says it needs time to pay sanctions”, 15 July 2020

IMPERIAL Pacific International, LLC is willing to pay all outstanding sanctions, but needs time to pay, according to the declaration of its lawyer Michael Dotts in the lawsuit of seven construction workers who have alleged labor and other violations.

They are seeking a total of $11.58 million in damages against IPI.

IPI is asking District Court for the NMI Chief Judge Ramona V. Manglona to set aside her ruling against the casino investor.

On June 12, 2020, the judge entered a default judgment against IPI for its “repeated failures to comply with discovery orders.”

In its motion to set aside entry of default, IPI stated that it has reviewed page by page and tendered over 10,000 documents to correct the events that led to the default a month ago.

Dotts said IPI has reviewed and produced thousands of bank statements and records…

Dotts noted that the Commonwealth Casino Commission has jurisdiction over IPI with regard to the enforcement of its casino license.

CCC has become concerned that IPI is not making payroll,  Dotts said. He provided the court a copy of an order from CCC requiring IPI to build up a payroll reserve…

In addition, IPI has entered into a consent judgment with the U.S. secretary of Labor.  Under the consent judgment, it is critical for IPI to comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act, Dotts said.

“Part of compliance is timely paying payroll. IPI has been struggling to pay payroll. Should IPI not comply with the consent judgment the sanctions could be severe. If IPI is not able to pay payroll it would have to shut down,” he added.

Dotts reiterated that IPI is willing to pay all outstanding sanctions, but needs time to pay.

“I am also advised that IPI’s parent company has successfully raised funds and that it is only a matter of time before IPI has the ability to come current on all sanctions. I have not been told how much time,” Dotts said…

[Also referred to MCC International Saipan Ltd. Co. and Gold Mantis Construction Decoration (CNMI)]


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作者: Saipan Tribune (USA)

“Seven former IPI workers seek $11.58M in damages”, 6 July 2020

The seven China-based former workers of a then-contractor and a subcontractor of Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC are seeking a total of $11.58 million in compensatory damages against IPI in connection with their lawsuit. They also want payment for attorneys’ fees and court costs.

That’s $3,863,534 in compensatory damages plus $7.72 million punitive damages, for a grand total of $11.58 million.

Aaron Halegua and Bruce Berline, who are counsel for the plaintiffs, said this amount is reasonable for the “slave-like” conditions and severe injuries the plaintiffs endured…

Last June 12, U.S. District Court for the NMI Chief Judge Ramona V. Manglona entered a default judgment against IPI during a show-cause hearing, describing IPI’s noncompliance with court orders and delays in this lawsuit as “mindboggling and “very frustrating.”

IPI general counsel Michael Dotts earlier stated that they disagree with Manglona and that they will move to reconsider her decision…

Halegua and Berline said the plaintiffs were defrauded into paying enormous fees for work on Saipan, indebting themselves to family, friends, or loan sharks, only to spend each day in fear of being beaten, fired, fined, or deported; that the plaintiffs were treated like “machines,” not human, working 13-hour days for less than minimum wage without a day off in up to five months.

“It was the most dangerous worksite that plaintiffs had ever seen—tired workers performing evening shifts high-up on the casino scaffolding with no safety nets,” Halegua and Berline said.

Plaintiffs were allegedly humiliated by bosses who called them heigong (“illegal workers”) and ridiculed for being “stupid” because they paid a recruitment fee for their job…

The lawyers said IPI not only condoned this inhumane treatment, but actively participated in and benefitted from the forced labor scheme…

IPI, MCC, and Gold Mantis have denied the plaintiffs’ allegations.


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作者: Saipan Tribune (USA)

“IPI ordered to pay $29K attorneys’ fees, costs to 7 ex-workers”, 7 May 2020

U.S. District Court for the NMI Chief Judge Ramona V. Manglona ordered Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC… to pay a total of $29,459 in attorneys’ fees and costs incurred by the seven former workers who are suing IPI and its contractor and subcontractor.

Manglona ordered IPI to pay the former workers $25,872 for hours expended by their New York-based counsel Aaron Halegua, and $1,782 for hours expended by their local counsel, Bruce Berline.

The judge also ordered IPI to pay the former workers $1,648 for hours expended by the former workers’ paralegal, Jacob Kessler, and $156 in costs…

The seven workers from China, who worked on IPI’s casino construction project in Garapan, have asked the court to award them $31,801 in attorneys’ fees and $156 in costs in connection with their countermotion to compel…

The plaintiffs… are suing IPI, MCC International Saipan Ltd. Co. and MCC’s subcontractor, Gold Mantis Construction Decoration (CNMI) LLC, over the alleged injuries they suffered during accidents at the worksite of IPI’s resort/casino project in Garapan... 

The workers alleged, among other things, that they were forced to work long hours for below minimum wage under extremely dangerous conditions at the casino-resort worksite.


21 May 2020


作者: Saipan Tribune (美国)



美国北马里亚纳群岛联邦地区法院首席法官曼格洛纳(Ramona V. Manglona)命令博华太平洋……支付七名前员工起诉该公司及其承包商和分包商产生的29459美元的律师费和相关费用。 

曼格洛纳命令博华太平洋承担这些前雇员的律师费:向纽约律师何宜伦(Aaron Halegua)支付25872美元,向当地律师布鲁斯·柏林(Bruce Berline)支付1782美元。

法官还勒令公司向前员工的律师助理雅各布·凯斯勒(Jacob Kessler)支付1648美元的法律服务费和156美元的其他支出……


原告……正在起诉博华太平洋、中冶集团塞班国际有限公司(MCC International Saipan Ltd. Co.)和金螳螂(北马里亚纳群岛)建筑装饰有限责任公司(Gold Mantis Construction Decoration (CNMI) LLC);他们在加拉班博华太平洋度假村/赌场项目的事故中受伤,要求被诉公司承担事故责任……



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作者: Saipan Tribune (美國)


“博華太平洋被勒令支付七名前員工2.9萬美元的律師費和其他費用”, 202057

美國北馬里亞納群島聯邦地區法院首席法官曼格洛納( Ramona V. Manglona )命令博華太平洋……支付七名前員工起訴該公司及其承包商和分包商產生的29459美元的律師費和相關費用。

曼格洛納命令博華太平洋承擔這些前僱員的律師費:向紐約律師何宜倫( Aaron Halegua )支付25872美元,向當地律師布魯斯·柏林( Bruce Berline )支付1782美元。

法官還勒令公司向前員工的律師助理雅各布·凱斯勒( Jacob Kessler )支付1648美元的法律服務費和156美元的其他支出……

這七名來自中國的工人曾在加拉班( Garapan )參與了博華太平洋賭場建設工作,他們要求法院判決,讓被告承擔31801美元的律師費和156美元的相反申請費用……

原告……正在起訴博華太平洋、中冶集團塞班國際有限公司( MCC International Saipan Ltd. Co. )和金螳螂(北馬里亞納群島)建築裝飾有限責任公司( Gold Mantis Construction Decoration (CNMI) LLC );他們在加拉班博華太平洋度假村/賭場項目的事故中受傷,要求被訴公司承擔事故責任……



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作者: Marianas Variety

“IPI found in contempt of court, ordered to pay attorney’s fees and costs”, 16 April 2020

CHIEF Judge Ramona V. Manglona of the District Court for the NMI on… found Imperial Pacific International in contempt of court for violating two of her previous orders. She also ordered IPI to pay the plaintiffs attorney’s fees.

In addition, the judge gave IPI one month to produce documents requested by the plaintiffs; otherwise, it will be required to pay $2,000 per day until it produces everything.

Attorneys Aaron Halegua and Bruce Berline represent seven workers who alleged that they were victims of a forced labor and human trafficking scheme while employed by IPI’s former construction contractor and subcontractor, MCC International Saipan Ltd. Co. and Gold Mantis Construction Decoration (CNMI)…

Halegua earlier asked the court for an order sanctioning IPI for failing to produce discovery that the court had previously ordered.

IPI, for its part, opposed the motion for sanction, saying none of its delayed production of requested documents or materials were due to willfulness or, bad faith, or its fault…

Halegua’s oral request to file an amended complaint to join new parties, with no objection from defense counsel, was also granted by the judge at the hearing. She ordered the plaintiffs to file the amended complaint on May 23, 2020…


4 May 2020


作者: Marianas Variety



北马里亚纳群岛联邦地区法院首席法官曼格罗纳(Ramona V. Manglona)……因博华太平洋违反她之前发出的两项命令,判决该公司藐视法庭。她还勒令公司支付原告方的律师费。


何宜伦(Aaron Halegua)和布鲁斯·伯林(Bruce Berline)担任七名工人的代理律师。他们自称是强迫劳动和人口贩运的受害者,曾受雇于博华太平洋雇用的建筑承包商和分包商中冶集团塞班国际有限公司(MCC International Saipan Ltd. Co.),金螳螂建筑装饰股份有限公司(Gold Mantis Construction Decoration)……





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作者: Marianas Variety



北馬里亞納群島聯邦地區法院首席法官曼格羅納(Ramona V. Manglona)……因博華太平洋違反她之前發出的兩項命令,判決該公司藐視法庭。她還勒令公司支付原告方的律師費。


何宜倫(Aaron Halegua)和布魯斯·伯林(Bruce Berline)擔任七名工人的代理律師。他們自稱是強迫勞動和人口販運的受害者,曾受僱於博華太平洋僱用的建築承包商和分包商中冶集團塞班國際有限公司(MCC International Saipan Ltd. Co.),金螳螂建築裝飾股份有限公司(Gold Mantis Construction Decoration)……





10 November 2019


作者: William Nee, 国际特赦组职





中冶集团在香港证券交易所(HKEX)上市,自2013年以来,香港证券交易所已要求上市公司提交有关其运营中人权风险的 “环境,社会与治理” (ESG)年度报告。理论上,此类报告应有助公司发现问题并减轻其影响。但是,对于违反者几乎没有后果,许多公司都不遵守。










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作者: William Nee, 國際特赦組織





中冶集團在香港證券交易所(HKEX)上市,自2013年以來,香港證券交易所已要求上市公司提交有關其運營中人權風險的 “環境,社會與治理” (ESG)年度報告。理論上,此類報告應有助公司發現問題並減輕其影響。但是,對於違反者幾乎沒有後果,許多公司都不遵守。