Indian Embassy launches social media campaign warning workers against travel to the UAE on tourist visas peddled by rogue recruiters

作者: Ramola Talwar Badam, The National (UAE), 发表日期: 13 May 2019

"Embassy shares sorrow of Indian workers lured to UAE by devious recruitment agents", 9 May 2019

The Indian embassy has issued a stark warning over rogue recruitment agents luring job seekers to the UAE with empty promises of employment... on Twitter, the embassy shared horror stories from Indian workers locked up, lied to, denied food and stripped of cash by unscrupulous scammers... workers often arrive in the UAE on tourist visas after paying cash to agents who promise them high salaries and good jobs... the lure of well-paid jobs in the hotel and retail sector lures workers to trust agents who convince them that their tourist visas will be converted into work permits once they are employed. The workers take loans and mortgage family homes and property to pay the agents who cheat them by charging exorbitant amounts as recruitment and employment visa fees. The men and women are forced to work as maids, security guards or in the construction industry and often paid Dh500 to Dh800, a fraction of what was promised to them.