Open For Business provides framework for cos. to act in public sphere to promote LGBT+ inclusion

作者: Open For Business (USA), 刊登日期: 13 March 2019

"Channels of Influence: How Companies Can Promote LGBT+ Inclusive Societies", Mar 2019

Open For Business is a coalition of global companies [with a purpose] to advance LGBT+ inclusion globally, by promoting the economic and business case for equality of opportunity for everyone... This report provides a clear framework for companies seeking to act in the public sphere to promote LGBT+ inclusion in the countries where they operate... Standards of conduct for business [are]: respect human rights..., eliminate discrimination,... provide support,... prevent other human rights violations,... [and] act in the public sphere. [O]n Standard 5, acting in the public sphere, there is far less support available. This report intends to address this... Antagonism towards LGBT+ communities continues to increase in many parts of the world.... This is a concern for the business community. There is now a broad acceptance of the economic and business case for LGBT+ inclusion... [Refers to adidas, Accenture,, Alphabet,, American Express, AT&T, Barclays, Barclays, Best Buy, BlackRock, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Burberry, Danone, Deutsche Bank, Diageo, eBay, Espell, EY, Facebook, Godrej, Google, GSK,  H&M, Huawei, IBM, Inditex, Infosys, KPMG, LinkedIn, Linklaters, Marriott,  MasterCard, McKinsey, Microsoft, MTN, Nokia, Prezi,  PWC, Relx Group, Shell, Standard Chartered, Starbucks, Tesco, Unilever,  Virgin, Walmart, WeWork, Woolworths].


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