Tunisia: More than half migrant workers lost their jobs in Covid-19 lockdown, according to IOM

作者: Infomigrants, 刊登日期: 11 May 2020

 "53% of migrants lost jobs in Tunisia in COVID-19 lockdown", 8th of May 2020 

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) said Wednesday that 53% of migrants in Tunisia lost their jobs during the lockdown period decreed by the authorities in order to contain the spread of COVID-19. Attempts to leave the country on boats headed for Europe meanwhile continue... 

The IOM said that it is working in coordination with the Tunisian authorities and municipalities to provide social and economic assistance to migrants living in Tunisia, underscoring that 39% of migrant workers with children had received aid: 54% of them were women and 46% men, with an estimated average age for beneficiaries of 30. 

The IOM said that, since the beginning of the health crisis, 7,002 migrants from across the entire country had received aid of some sort: food, vouchers, cleaning products, etc.