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Key findings

3.2 billion people live in constrained civic space and civic freedoms

From our partners: CIVICUS Monitor shows that 3.2 billion people live in countries where civic space is either repressed or closed. 16 countries are rated closed, 32 repressed, 21 obstructed, 26 narrowed and nine open. 

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Situation of defenders is particularly vulnerable

Resource Centre's findings: Over 950 cases of attack on defenders focusing on corporate accountability took place since 2015. Killings and lawsuits against defenders rose significantly in 2017.

Key findings

News & developments

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Impact of OECD-headquartered companies on human rights defenders

Global pressures on civil society space and attacks on human rights defenders pose both challenges and opportunities for responsible business. 

- Our database of attacks on human rights defenders shows OECD-headquartered companies importantly contribute to attacks

- OECD-headquartered companies are more likely to be associated with threats and lawsuits than with killings of defenders

- Some OECD-headquartered companies have been important alleys of civil society and acting as human rights defenders themselves

- This week’s OECD’s Responsible Business Conduct Forum is an opportunity to address the issue


OECD: New OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct addresses attacks on defenders



New Front Line Defenders report says 67% of defenders killed in 2017 were engaged in defence of land, environment & indigenous rights, usually in the context of mega extractives