[01/01/2020] Vladimir Matveyev

Gender: Male

Location of the incident: Russia

Counting Unit: Individual

Affiliation on the individual / type of group: Environmental concerns group

Specific attack on the HRD(s) / Rights of the HRD(s) affected by the incident:

  • Arbitrary detention

Date of the incident: Wed 1 Jan 2020

Date accuracy: All correct

Summary of the incident: On 1 January, Vladimir Matveyev, an environmental activist was detained by police for participating in a protest camp against construction of a waste incineration plant in Osinovo village near Kazan city. Local residents and environmental activists have been protesting against the construction of the waste incineration plant over health concerns. Moreover, environmental activists say the construction is planned on agricultural land.

Target sector: Waste disposal

Other actors allegedly involved:

Alleged actor: Local & state authorities

Issues the HRD is/was working on:

  • Environment: General

Broader issues related to this case:

  • Corruption

Sources of information: