19 Olympic sponsors graded on their pressure on Chinese Govt. over Darfur - GE, McDonald's, Adidas rate highest, 13 get failing grade

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11 December 2007

Olympic Corporate Sponsor Darfur Report Card &company responses

Author: compiled by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

In November 2007, Olympic Dream for Darfur published a "Report Card" on the responses of Olympic corporate sponsors "to China’s support of the genocide in Darfur". The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited the 19 companies named in the Report Card to respond... [Reponses from: adidas, Anheuser-Busch, Atos Origin, Coca-Cola, Eastman Kodak, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, Lenovo, McDonald's, Microsoft, Panasonic (part of Matsushita), Samsung, Staples, Swatch, Visa, Volkswagen. No response from BHP Billiton, Manulife, UPS]

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26 November 2007

Olympic sponsors faulted for inactivity on Darfur

Author: Daniel Trotta, Reuters Africa

Thirteen of 19 big corporate Olympic sponsors have flunked a test challenging them to pressure China over the 2008 Olympic Games host's support of Sudan, a U.S. advocacy group said Monday. General Electric won the best grade of C-plus, largely for making contact with the International Olympic Committee to raise concerns regarding...Darfur... Dream for Darfur said it graded them on whether they took steps to influence or contact China or the International Olympic Committee, donated aid to Darfur or appointed a point person on Darfur, among other criteria. Two companies -- McDonalds and Adidas -- won average grades of C... Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson and UPS received a D and 13 companies got an F due to inaction. They were: Atos Origin, Lenovo, Manulife, Panasonic [part of Matsushita], Samsung, Swatch, Anheuser-Busch, BHP Billiton, Eastman Kodak, Microsoft, Staples, Visa and Volkswagen.

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