[22/05/2018] Gladston (Surname unknown) [Metupatti locality protest coordinator]

Gender: Unknown

Location of the incident: India

Counting Unit: Individual

Affiliation on the individual / type of group: Affected community's leader or member

Specific attack on the HRD(s) / Rights of the HRD(s) affected by the incident:

  • Killings

Date of the incident: Tue 22 May 2018

Date accuracy: All correct

Summary of the incident: Four of the protesters shot dead by police at Thoothukudi in India, during anti-Sterline protests, were prominent leaders of anti-Sterlite protests. With all four said to have been shot at in the head or chest, there is suspicion whether they were specifically targeted. Kamilarasan, the coordinator of anti-Sterlite movement, Snowlin, coordinator of the protest at Madha Koil locality, Maniraj, coordinator of Damodar Nagar locality and Gladston, coordinator of Metupatti locality, were among those killed in police firing. Vedanta resources responses to our invitation to respond.

Related Company/Companies:

Name: Vedanta Resources

Company sector: Oil, gas & coal Metals & steel

Headquarters: Headquarters in United Kingdom

Alleged degree of company involvement: Indirect

Responded: Yes

Issues the HRD is/was working on:

  • Environment: General

Sources of information: