A Delicate Balance: Are Trade agreements the best place to balance Internet Freedom and Internet Security?

Author: Susan Aaronson, George Washington University , Published on: 1 January 2012

[In...[this] short article...I argue that trade policymakers should...rethink their strategy for trade policymaking and make it more reflective of 21st century transparency norms. Policymakers are trying to define a clear and universally accepted set of rules to maintain an open Internet (where human rights such as freedom of expression, access to information, and the right to privacy are respected) and secure Internet (where copyrights are generally enforced and the web is relatively free of hacking, spam, cyber terrorism, etc). However, these same policymakers have not developed these trade policies in a manner reflecting Internet norms of democracy, openness and transparency. Thus, while the objectives of these trade agreements are beginning to reflect changing market conditions wrought by the Internet, the strategy for making these trade agreements has not caught up to the Internet age.]

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