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A global bully on the loose [Papua New Guinea]

Author: Alan Oxley, former Ambassador of Australia to GATT, consultant to Australian forestry industry & Rimbunan Hijau, in National [Papua New Guinea newspaper], Published on: 28 June 2006

...the record of most multinationals is exemplary when they operate in foreign countries... What an irony it is then to see a major global NGO like Greenpeace, supported by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), behaving like a global bully towards a small country, in this case Papua New Guinea. Greenpeace is orchestrating a campaign to stop commercial forestry in Papua New Guinea... The focus of the Greenpeace campaign in PNG is Rimbunan Hijau. Greenpeace calls it a “corporate criminal” and an abuser of human rights. The company has refuted every allegation. Of course in this campaign, the company is a proxy for the PNG Government and the commercial logging industry at large, Greenpeace’s real targets.

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