A supply chain of complicity: Labour exploitation in Qatar and migrant workers' access to justice

Author: Linde Bryk, Legal Advisor, European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights, Published on: 12 February 2019

…Forced labour is a global phenomenon that often goes hand in hand with transnational business activities and long labour supply chains. Forced labour risks are particularly high in sectors that rely on outsourcing their operations, such as the construction sector.

 A recent report by the…BHRRC found that construction companies with operations in Qatar ahead of the World Cup show little transparency or engagement on their actions to safeguard migrant workers’ rights. These include European companies like Bouygues in France, Cimolai in Italy, and Consolidated Contractors Company in Greece.

Prompted by the regional boost in construction activity in the Gulf involving European companies, and increased scrutiny of conditions for migrants, the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) investigated the legal responsibility of companies for labour exploitation along their supply chains. 

In the resulting 2018 study, Accountability for forced labor in a globalized economy, we looked at labour exploitation of migrant workers in the Gulf, whether European companies directly or indirectly cause or contribute to labour exploitation, and how they might be held legally accountable…

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