Annual Report 2016/17

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre works with a global network of NGOs and companies to advance human rights in business, promote corporate accountability and help eradicate abuse. Our Annual Report for the year 2016/17 documents various projects and activities we worked on and highlights notable milestones and achievements.

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In the year 2016/17, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre:

  • Launched the inaugural results of the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark (CHRB), in collaboration with investors and research organizations Aviva, APG, Calvert, VBDO, Nordea, EIRIS, and the Institute for Human Rights and Business,
  • Launched a database of attacks against human rights defenders working on corporate accountability issues, and we continue to add new cases to the database on an on-going basis,
  • Amplified victims’ voices, and their advocates’, by seeking 338 responses from companies to civil society concerns and company policy issues in 2016/17, with a 75% global response rate,
  • Launched a free, public registry to monitor the release of company statements under the UK Modern Slavery Act, and allow comparison and benchmarking of companies’ policy and practice,
  • In February 2016 we released an analysis of results of outreach to 28 European fashion brands to understand the measures they were taking to ensure Syrian refugees were not fleeing conflict into exploitative working conditions in the Turkish garment sector,
  • This year we conducted 14 research missions and organised 18 trainings, workshops and regional roundtables in 24 countries around the world,
  • We played a critical role in pushing for the development of National Action Plans (NAPs) on implementing the UN Guiding Principles on business and human rights.