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20 February 2006

Yes, Master - How Western companies are selling their souls for a piece of the massive Chinese market

Author: Steve Maich, Macleans [Canada]

A former executive with Occidental Chemical Corp. and ex-president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, [John] Kamm has spent the past 16 years working for human rights reform in China... [L]ately, he has watched in disbelief as some of...

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6 September 2005

Legal Remedies for the Resource Curse - A Digest of Experience in Using Law to Combat Natural Resource Corruption

Author: Open Society Justice Initiative

Legal Remedies for the Resource Curse is a digest of practical experience in using law to combat corruption across jurisdictions. When resource extraction companies can obtain oil, diamonds, gold, coltan, timber, and other natural resources through...

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30 October 2004

[DOC] In Search for Direct Corporate Responsibility for Human Rights Violations in Africa: Which Way Forward?

Author: Tsafack Jean. B. Fokwa, LL. M. candidate, Univ. of Pretoria Faculty of Law

...this study focuses on the responsibility concept for corporate human rights violations and the objective of this study is to explore, examine and assess various avenues for asserting responsibility for corporate human rights violations. [refers to...

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1 November 2003

Business and Human Rights: Dilemmas and Solutions

Author: edited by Rory Sullivan, Insight Investment, UK

"Business and Human Rights" provides an analysis of the relationship between companies and human rights in the context of globalisation. The analysis is in two parts. The first maps the reasons (financial, ethical, regulatory) why human rights have...

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