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24 August 2015

USA: Company helps internet & technology firms create better workforce diversity & inclusion

Author: Megan Rose Dickey, TechCrunch (USA)

"Meet Joelle Emerson, The Startup CEO Helping Slack, Pinterest And Airbnb Tackle Diversity", 23 Aug 2015...

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5 January 2015

Commentary: Brands are increasingly taking a public stance on social issues including gender equality, racial issues & climate justice

Author: Jonah Sachs, on Guardian Sustainable Business

"2015 will be the year brands take a public stand on social issues", 2 Jan 2014...

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14 October 2013

The ‘sharing economy’ undermines workers’ rights (USA)

Author: Evgeny Morozov, Financial Times (UK)

The “sharing economy” has many fans but Eric Schneiderman, New York State’s attorney-general, is not one of them. He has demanded that Airbnb, a company that allows anyone to rent their property to strangers, hand over records of its 15,000 hosts in...

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