Analysis of human rights disclosure of Canadian mining companies reveals need for more information re stakeholder engagement & challenges

Author: Erika Piquero, Shift, Published on: 15 January 2019

"Human rights reporting in the Canadian mining sector: Maturity trends and insights," 15 Jan 2019

Canada is a global leader in the mining industry: 57% of public mining companies globally are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and TSX-Venture Exchange...[O]ur team has engaged in research analyzing the human rights disclosure of a group of 18 Canadian mining companies... Key findings include the need for the development of a strong and overarching narrative across a company’s human rights disclosure, provision of further details around stakeholder engagement connected to salient human rights issues and, broadly, increased sharing of genuine challenges—and concrete examples to frame those challenges—faced by companies... Our analysis indicates that the average company provides information on general processes and structures for stakeholder engagement, but they are not oriented to human rights specifically, or they only address certain human rights.

... One third of companies assessed in this group achieved the average score [for remediation], at the Improving level, indicating that the average company in this group identifies a hotline or other avenue that potentially affected stakeholders, including but not limited to company employees, can use to raise human rights grievances. However, these companies do not discuss processes to address grievances, complaint outcomes, nor any information about independent reviews or oversight of the grievance mechanism, all of which are important to disclose if they exist.

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