Andrew Kuper on Innovative Business Strategies that Trigger Social Change

Author: Interview with Andrew Kuper, Managing Director of Ashoka's Global Academy for Social Entrepreneurship, in Compact Quarterly [magazine of UN Global Compact], Published on: 1 October 2005

...[Instead] of talking about human rights in vague terms, let’s ask the precise question: “who must do what for whom?”...[If] you are a company operating in a society where the state is weak, you may be obliged – to be both moral and sustainable as a company – to do things that you could avoid doing in a developed country. For instance, if you are a mining company operating in Angola or South Africa, you may find that the state is not delivering enough support to contain the rampant spread of HIV/AIDS among your workers and the wider community. [refers to Grameen Bank, Grameen Phone, Amanco (part of Grupo Nueva)]

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