Anglo American's lobbying & practices undermine climate justice, according to report

In November 2014, Friends of the Earth International, Corporate Europe Observatory and the Transnational Institute released a report raising concerns about Anglo American's lobbying and operations undermining "crucial climate change policies".

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited Anglo American to respond to the report.  The full report and the company's response are provided below.


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13 January 2015

Full report

Author: Corporate Europe Observatory, Friends of the Earth Intl., Transnational Institute

"How corporations rule. Part 4: Anglo American’s dirty energy lobby and its false climate solutions", Nov 2014

Instead of governments and international public institutions like the United Nations reigning in corporations that harm people and the environment they are, themselves, more and more controlled by those corporations. [This report] expose[s] how corporations are undermining crucial climate policies, and promoting false solutions that will allow them to profit from the climate crisis, while expanding the extraction of dirty energy. This is exemplified through the case of the British-South African company Anglo American, which this report examines from its activities at the world’s biggest open-pit coal mine in Cerrejón, in La Guajira,Colombia, all the way up to its lobbying at the UNFCCC.

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Company response
12 January 2015

Anglo American's response

Author: Anglo American

Cerrejón challenge the report’s allegations and invites the authors to visit the mine...[response includes details on water and pollution allegations, consultations with the Tabaco community, and army presence]

We recognise the challenge posed by climate change and our responsibility to take action to address its causes and to protect our employees and assets, as well as our communities, against its potential impacts...[response includes further details on initiatives]

With regards to the report’s allegations regarding our membership of industry groups and multi-stakeholder initiatives. We are aware of the role that our industry plays in a range of public policy issues linked to sustainable development, climate change being one, but also issues such as job creation, infrastructure provision and broader socio-economic development...

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