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25 April 2018

India: Deaths of Indian tea estates under the World Bank's watch

Author: Accountabilitea, India

"Nine Years of Neglect: Deaths of Indian Tea Estates under the World Bank's Watch", 27 April 2018...

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29 November 2017

India: Guwahati rally during UN Forum highlights human rights abuses in Assam tea supply chains

Author: Anirudha Nagar & Jayshree Satpute, Open Democracy

"From Geneva to Guwahati: demanding fair wages for Assam's tea workers", 27 Nov 2017...

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13 November 2017

India: Petition calls on IFC to improve treatment of workers in tea plantations, as investigation report identifies persisting problems

Author: Human Rights Watch

"World Bank: Few Improvements on India’s Tea Plantations", 6 Nov 2017...

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19 August 2014

Minimum wage violations perpetuate modern-day feudalism on Assam's tea plantations

Author: Nazdeek

Assam houses nearly 800 plantations and more than 100,000 smaller tea produce 52% of all tea in India and almost 1/6th of the world’s tea. Similar to gardens which together West Bengal, colonial-era labor structures, a faulty trade union, and corpo...

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1 January 2014

India: Report alleges persistent abusive practices & failure to comply with Plantations Labour Act at Amalgamated Plantations Private Limited tea plantations, company denies allegations

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Company response
31 December 2013

Amlgamated Plantations Private Limited response

Author: Amlgamated Plantations Private Limited response

we have examined [the report]… sufficiently to say that it is incorrect and misleading in some parts, which are injurious to our interests and defamatory. Our initial reaction is that you have not mentioned some aspects which should have found a place...

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29 September 2010

Tetley accused of violating human rights after three worker deaths [India]

Author: Aidan Radnedge, Metro [UK]

...[Tetley's] parent company, Tata [part of Tata Group], is facing calls to apologise after a crop sprayer allegedly paid as little as 8p an hour died of suspected poisoning at a plantation in India. Two fellow workers caught up in protests over his...

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