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28 November 2016

USA: Residents sue chemical companies for $100 million over failure to warn them of arsenic, lead pollution

Author: Lauren Cross, NWI Times (USA)

"Residents seek $100M against East Chicago companies", 25 Nov 2016...

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18 November 2014

Frontline discussion with Christine Bader & Arvind Ganesan on the obligations and costs of doing business in a global context

Author: Sarah Childress and Lu Olkowski, Frontline

'Podcast: what's the moral cost of doing business today?', 19 Nov 2014:...In recent years, we’ve seen a great shift in the business world towards corporate social responsibility. But what does that really mean?...How responsible should companies be for...

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7 June 2013

Indigenous Peruvians protest state oil company taking over their land

Author: David Hill, in Guardian Blog (UK)

Members of the Achuar indigenous people in the northern Peruvian Amazon have been protesting against Peru's state oil company's plans to enter their territory…Petroperu's involvement in this region follows the decision Canadian company...

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5 May 2012

Peru: Oil Drilling Divides Community

Author: Barbara J. Fraser, Latinamerica Press

A case in which Achuar indigenous people accuse a Canadian petroleum company of attempted genocide, currently under investigation by a court in Peru, could set a legal precedent if it is allowed to go ahead. The case stems from an incident in May 2009,...

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8 September 2011

Is Steve Jobs the Next John Browne?

Author: Christine Bader, Nonresident Senior Fellow, Kenan Institute for Ethics, Duke Univ., in Huffington Post [USA]

Steve Jobs is one of the most admired CEOs of all time...But following...Jobs's announcing his retirement was the latest in a series of revelations of how Apple has inflicted serious harm on people and the environment...[also refers to Amoco, Arco ...

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12 May 2011
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Author: Fundación para el Debido Proceso Legal (DPLF) y Oxfam

...El presente estudio...tiene como objetivo principal ser un insumo que promueva el debate sobre el derecho a la consulta y al consentimiento, su contenido y alcance, su realidad y la necesidad urgente de contar con mecanismos para que los pueblos...

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12 May 2009

How does business value human rights? [Interview with Christine Bader, advisor to UN Special Representative on Business and Human Rights]

Author: Qn, Yale School of Management [USA]

John Ruggie [UN Special Representative on business & human rights] was brought in to solve a particular problem, and that is to try to prevent people getting hurt by corporate activity…It's become clear through this work that there's no single tool...

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1 July 2008

R.I. high court overturns lead paint verdict [USA]

Author: Eric Tucker, Associated Press

Rhode Island's Supreme Court on Tuesday overturned a first-in-the-nation jury verdict that found three former lead paint companies responsible for creating a public nuisance, rejecting a closely watched case that had been seen as a bellwether for...

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26 October 2007

Corporate Operations in Burma Fuel Human Rights Abuses, Say Shareowner Activists

Author: Bill Baue, Social Funds [USA]

Socially responsible investors (SRIs) and labor unions have recently sent letters to Chevron and Total urging them to speak out against human rights abuses performed by a regime financed largely by revenues from these oil companies... Now pressure is...

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2 March 2007
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